Unfortunately, not all of the cats that enter the cattery for re-homing are in good health or have much trust in mankind, then there is the ‘age’ issue. Any health problems are checked and treated at Eagle Vets and often lead to medication for the rest of the cat’s life. This causes alarm bells for the insurance companies and premiums are sky high for a medicated or ageing (but often healthy) cat.

ALL cats deserve a warm, loving home so Thanet Cat Club introduced the O.A.P. Scheme to help potential new owners of the older or medicated cats with the health check vet bills, medication and any special health promoting food needed, in return for giving our harder to home cats a chance. We are often told how rewarding it is to care for a cat that may need a little more attention than normal!

Very occasionally we receive a cat into the cattery that has no trust in people or just finds the set up of a cattery far too traumatic for them. Thankfully this does not happen often and we are normally able to settle a new cat quickly. However, when we feel that there is no more progress to be made at the cattery, a dedicated foster carer can be the answer.

We would prefer foster carers to be local so we can offer any support needed and can supply food and litter for their care. Depending on the cat and their circumstance, we may be looking for long or shorter term foster homes.

If you, or someone you know, has the time and patience to offer a frightened, untrusting cat a safe environment to blossom ready for re-homing, or a medicated/ageing cat a safe and loving home, please give us a call on 01843 579044, leave a message on our answer machine and we will call you back.