Club History

We hope to expand this history in due course.


Club formed



A new shop at 125 Northdown Road was opened on 17th April 1997.



We moved to new rented premises that would be our shop, selling goods donated by the public.

13 individual double-glazed cat pens were purchased and erected, replacing the old wooden pens. The club could not care for 26 cats. The pens were opened by Suzie Gale, animal lover and MP Roger Gale’s wife.



Vacated 206 Northdown Road on 31st December 2007?



In July, our current cattery managers, Michelle and Andy took over their current roles.

Moved to a new shop in Carlton Avenue, Broadstairs in October. Note that this might have instead actually been 158 High Street.



We moved to our current shop in Broadstairs High Street on 13th July.



Work was completed on isolation pens and a play and exercise area.



We sadly lost Joyce Pilcher, a long-time driving force of our charity, whom will always be missed.