Cats that have been rehomed

These are some of our cats that we have successfully rehomed. If you have rehomed one of our cats and can update us, including any photos or videos you may have, we would love to add these to their posts. Obviously we will keep your details anonymous.


Gandalf is a lovely, friendly 7 month old kitten. He has plenty of energy, loves to play and enjoys company, a fuss and cuddles. If you can offer Gandalf his forever home please phone 01843 579044 leaving a message or e-mail: with details including your phone number for our welfare officer to call you. […]


Stan is a lovely, energetic young boy who came to us as his owner sadly passed away. Stan is affectionate and loves having a fuss and having time spent with him. He enjoys spending some time outside so a lovely garden would be ideal for him. Could Stan be your number 1 cat? If you […]


Lucky is a friendly boy. He is quite independent but likes company and a fuss. He enjoys chasing after his toys, especially if they are thrown around for him! Lucky is desperate for a garden to explore. We have been told he enjoys outdoor space. Lucky has been with us for a while now due […]


O P has been with us for a while now due to covid and he so deserves to be in his forever home. Although O P was previously an indoor cat we feel he would benefit from the chance to experience a safe garden area as he is an inquisitive cat and it would be […]


Unwanted cat, Mitzi, would like a quiet forever home with no other pets. She likes attention on her own terms when she feels safe and we feel she will blossom when she has had time to settle in a new home. Someone who has time and a little patience may be best to win the […]


Gorgeous, friendly Sooti needs a quieter home with people who have time to spend with him. He loves a lap and a fuss. Sooti has a little inflammation in his lower spine which he has medication in his food for and this is greatly helping him. He may need occasional checkups at the vets for […]


Beautiful Poppy is long haired and proud of it! She absolutely adores being brushed and loves a massage on her back by her tail! Poppy is used to living in a quieter home with an older lady who very sadly passed away. She is very friendly, loves a lap and fuss and as much attention […]


Baby is a very friendly female who is better suited to a quieter home with garden access. She has a fear of loud and new noises and is used to living with an older lady who sadly passed away. Baby enjoys being fussed and particularily enjoys being brushed. She is a lovely cat who likes […]


Tom is a very friendly male. Sadly his owner passed away and he is missing his home comforts with garden access. Once settled in a new environment Tom is a confident cat who enjoys a fuss and playing with his toys.


Thomas is a very friendly boy who loves a lap, lots of fuss and company. A brush, ear massage and tummy rub are all appreciated; he really is a lovely cat. Thomas does need a special home though. A lot of time and effort has been spent improving his health and his diet needs to […]


Freddie’s world has been turned upside down with his owner having to go in a nursing home and he just found it too much to move into a relatives home with two other cats. For this reason we have been asked to find Freddie a quieter home without children and other pets. Freddie has been […]


Ruby has joined us at the cattery to find a new home as her owner has poor health and feels it would be better for her to have a new home. Ruby seems quite comfortable in her new surroundings and is getting used to all of the volunteers at the cattery. Ruby really wants a […]

Milo (with George)

Milo (and George) are two wonderful cats who would like to continue to live in the same household as they did before. Milo is more timid so tends to be looked after by George when needed but they are both very friendly. Milo will hide if he feels afraid but loves to be around people […]

George (with Milo)

George (and Milo) are two wonderful cats who would like to continue to live in the same household as they did before. George is more outgoing so tends to look after Milo when needed but they are both very friendly. George loves being around people and having a fuss and the same is for Milo […]


Ozzie has not been with us too long and not a lot is known about him. He has come to us for re homing due to no fault of his own. He likes to spend time equally in and outdoors. He is not too keen on the other cats around him so a home with […]


Lovely Nala deserves a home of her own rather than sharing with another cat. She is very friendly and enjoys having a fuss and playing with toys. Nala would love a garden to explore.


We would love to see Simba in a home as your only cat so he can have all of the attention without having to share with another cat. Simba is very friendly and enjoys a fuss and playing with toys. He would love a garden to explore.


Lady is a young cat that would love access to a garden. She is friendly and likes attention and a fuss on her own terms. Lady is very playful and enjoys running around after her toys.


Beautiful Luna needs her forever home. Luna was rescued a year ago and her last owner spent the year bringing her out of her shell, to make her feel safe and wanted. It was with a very heavy heart that Luna was given over to us to find her a new home due to her […]


Lovely little Rascal has not been with us for long but is already tugging at our heart strings! She is so friendly and inquisitive and we would love to see her in a home as soon as possible so she can bring joy into someones life. We feel Rascal would suit a quieter household with […]


Orio is a gorgeous Bengal/Cross. He is friendly, inquisitive, confident and very playful. Careful consideration needs to be made if he is wanted to add with other cats as he may dominate. Orio has a docked tail of which we have no information of the reason. ORIO NOW HAS A LOVING HOME AFTER BEING SPOTTED […]


​ We had been asked to re-home Benji due to his owners change of circumstances. He was used to being the only cat in the household so after being neutered at the vets he initially was untrusting and frightened when he arrived at the cattery. He has now become a more confident cat again and enjoys […]


Barney is a lovely boy who needs a home where he can settle at his own pace. He may suit a home that is a little quieter with no children and preferably with other friendly cats. He loves the company of other cats and likes to run around after his toys, especially chasing after a […]


Merlin really needs his forever home as soon as possible. He is such a friendly boy but is finding it very hard waiting at the cattery for someone to choose him! He is missing home comforts and having the company of an owner who likes having a lap cat as he enjoys cuddles and settling […]


Patch is a beautiful girl who is desperate to have a loving home. She is very friendly and loves the company of people. She enjoys a fuss and spends a lot of time playing with all of her toys. She enjoys having her toys thrown to her so she can catch and chase them around! […]


Denny is a white and tabby male who can be a little timid but very friendly. He needs a special, dedicated owner/s due to being diabetic and needs to be injected twice a day, 12 hours apart with his food. He also needs regular vet visits to monitor his health so transport will be needed. […]


Spotty is such a character and needs a new home due to his last owner moving to a nursing home. He has lived with other friendly cats before so this can be considered. Spotty is a very friendly, loving boy who enjoys company, playing with his toys, a fuss and brush and a garden to […]


Pidgy has been with us for a long while and needs a special home and people to bring her on. Pidgy is a frightened girl who needs patient, caring people / person in a quietish home to help her become more confident. She doesn’t mind the company of other friendly cats and enjoys the freedom […]


Tiggy is a lovely girl but has a few issues that need to be taken into consideration for her new home. She can be shy and timid until she gets to know you and may hide until she feels safe. We have found she responds better to women and is better around quieter people. Loud, […]


Hello, I am Izzy. I have been with Thanet Cat Club for a while now but it always seems that my neighbours are chosen by humans and not me and I just don’t know why. Although I am safe and well looked after, I have decided that I need to look for my forever home […]


Lovely Flo is desperate for her forever home, having to return to Thanet Cat Club after six years, due to her owner having to move to a nursing home. She had a wonderful life with her owner and is now finding life very difficult at the cattery as she is not at all happy being […]


Tia is a healthy, older cat who needs a loving home for her twilight years. She is quite an independent cat who enjoys lots of fuss on her own terms. She also enjoys a brush and comb through her beautiful fur, which although long, does not become knotty! Tia would enjoy a small garden to […]


Ozzy has been with us for a long time now and always seems to be overlooked for another cat! He is a lovely, big cat who deserves a home and a garden he can run around in and explore. He’s not a lap cat but does enjoy the company of people and being stroked and […]


Prince loves to play and has a lot of energy so having a garden to run around in would benefit him. Prince is a very loving cat, wanting a lot of attention and enjoys sitting on laps for a fuss. He can lash out for unknown reasons but this has reduced greatly since he first […]